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The Tail of Olaf the Terminator, and Norman the '92 Cavalier.

The field mouse, also known as Mus sylvaticus, belongs to the order Rodentia and the family Muridae. Rodentia is the largest group of mammals on earth, with the family Muridae being its largest subcategory. Muridae includes the most commonly recognized rodents, the mouse and the rat, but also the gerbil and the mole. Mus sylvaticus is similar to the rat, but is much smaller than rats. Usually brown, though sometimes gray or white, usually has a white underbelly. Unusually fast for its size, it's also known for its really good sense of smell. The field mouse is also incredibly intelligent, figuring out most problems or mazes given enough time. Its teeth are small compared to the rat, though it has very sharp claws unlike the rat. Field mice will eat practically anything, and is eaten by most predators including but not limited to, snakes, owls, cats, and hawks. The fact that mice are prey to most other animals makes them nocturnal so that they can avoid being seen. Unfortunately, field mice breed well, like a rodent. Having three to five babies a month, with the ability to get pregnant the day the mom gives birth. The babies are born hairless, sightless and without the ability to hear. Field mice, like their name implies, live in fields*. But, try telling that to Olaf the terminator, my car's pet.

Recently, I went to open my glove box to pull out a napkin to wipe condensation from my car's window. Instead of the whole paper napkin my hand went for, I pulled out shredded paper product, since my car lacks an interior light, I didn’t know it until I pulled it out completely. Not realizing at first what it was I was looking at, I sat there with the shredded paper product in hand, in shock. "No, I don't remember putting that in there, no it couldn’t be a joke, no I'm not sure what it … Could my car have a mouse?" "A MOUSE?! EEEKKKK" Of course, it being night, I immediately freaked out. A few days later, armed with a metal stick, a garbage bag, and a smile, I went to clean out my glove box. See, I usually keep my car's registration, a notebook with dates of the most recent oil change in it, the car manual, and many many extra napkins from local fast food restaurants - since we all know those come in handy while driving and someone spills something in your car. When I opened the glove box, I jumped slightly, not actually expecting to see my car's new pet, but there he was, Olaf the terminator. Frightened by my smile, he ran away into the bowels of my car Norman, and so uninhibited, I cleaned out the job he made of my restaurant napkins, which now look like raffia strings. I don't know how long Olaf plans on staying in my car, and since I don't drive Norman much, I don’t suppose it matters too much. At least my car has a friend. But, Olaf could have refrained from chewing a hole in my car's registration!

*-Or practically anywhere.

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