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A fireplace is never complete without fireplace tools. They should hang on a tripod stand with hooks that hold the tools by the handle finials.

Fireplace tools:

The Poker: A poker is a rod with an iron or harder hook-and-point design used for moving logs about, for stirring coals, for lifting potlids, and most importantly, for opening and shutting the chimney flue. Some fireplace toolsets use a separate chimney flue opener, and have the poker as a simple pointed rod. This type of tool has been used since prehistoric times.

The Tongs: Tongs are like giant salad tongs, usually made of brass, for the purpose of picking up small objects that are burning, such as pinecones, sticks, and the like. Some have a scissor action to them, such that rather than pressing the handles, the handles are pulled. Also used to place individual coal briquettes into the fireplace.

The Shovel: Since coal is less-often used in fireplaces in modern times, the shovel is more used for scooping ash out of the fireplace. The original purpose was to scoop coal into the fireplace.

The Brush: This tool is less-often seen and is used to help clean the fireplace afterwards. Fancy ones are seldom used in real fireplaces because they ruin quickly, but they are often seen in gaslog fireplaces.

A bucket of pinecones: Pinecones pop and sizzle when used in a fireplace, and smell pleasant. One must use caution, however, as the residue can coat the inside of a chimney and cause it to become flammable.

A bucket of sand: This is more for safety purposes, a fancy way of putting a fire out when it needs to be out. Besides that, it makes an elegant ashtray if you have smokers.

A tin of elongated matches: Particularly if you use a gaslog fireplace, you want to use fireplace matches, which are strike-anywhere matches at least eight inches in length. These stop your arm/face/whatever from being burned should there be a lot of gas built up in the chamber.

Andirons: These are the metal and brass stands which hold the logs in place. They go in front of the fire, and are generally well-decorated brass.

Fireback: A fireback is a piece of well-tempered metal that goes directly behind the fire. Its purpose is not merely decorative, it helps the heat to be reflected back into the room and not up the chimney.

Fireplace screen: Any type of blocking fixture that prevents loose embers from flying out of the fire and onto the floor is a fireplace screen. Some fireplaces also have metal chain curtains for the same purpose, and are used in conjunction with a screen.

Fender: This is a type of fireplace screen that only goes up a short height, usually up to 8 inches or so. Its true purpose is to keep people from sitting too near to the fire, but it is mostly a decorative piece.

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