A hunch. A gut feeling. A twinge on the back of your neck. That feeling you get when you know what's about to happen, and you end up being right. This is the First Feel.

What is it?

The first feel, as I call it, is an integral part of the way I, and I imagine many others, work magic(k). Personally, I feel that a true understanding of the first feel is the only way to get anywhere with any sort of non-ritual magic(k), such as short-term precognition, telekinetic effects, or other such "instantaneous" instances.

Why is it?

When you encounter a new stimulus, your brain does a number of things. First, it takes in the information. It then processes it, and relays a response or reaction. This means that, depending on how long you have lived, and what your life has been like, your brain is often lying to you. It will process a piece of information, such as a brush from an energy ball (to be simplistic), as a little gust of wind, or your muscles spasming, in an attempt to "rationalize" a seemingly unexplainable phenomenon. However, if the conscious portion of your mind can get to that input first, you can see it for what it really is and not for what your brain wants it to be. This is the concept of the first feel1.

Attuning yourself to the First Feel

The key to attuning yourself to the first feel is to find out where and when your second feelings happen. For example, when you 'believe' in magic(k), but have not personally experienced it, your brain will often rationalize what you see as explained above. But then, you think about it, and say "Wait, was that an energy ball or wind?" and now doubt has entered the equation. You need to find out where you are experiencing this doubt, and then go one step before. The first feel has no feeling of doubt twinged with it, which is an important thing to remember.

Uses for the First Feel

The first feel is primarily used pertaining to divination, telepathy, empathy, and the other 'information gathering' magicks and powers. Also, it has limited application in the realms of remote viewing and astral projection, being the idea of taking in that first bit of information, without opinion1.

The first feel is a very worthwile thing to learn to find. I personally was unable to do much in the metaphysical before I discovered it, and I'm still learning to trust it. However, once you do become comfortable in it, it will always surprise you, and never let you down.

1I am not a professional, and I only am going off of what I have learned from various sources, and from what I get from using the first feel.
2Key to properly interpreting what you are percieving in a non-physical sight enviroment.

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