Fuck buddies are people you treat like a boyfriend or girlfriend but without any commitment, extraneous requirements or, hopefully, emotion. While there's nothing wrong with just wanting to get off, having a fuck buddy is tedious at best and heartbreaking at worst. Unlike a one night stand, you have to see this person again. At school, you probably have classes with him or her. Coming from one who knows, it is extremely difficult to keep the emotion and jealousy out of a long-term relationship with such a person.

The problem with being a fuck buddy is that, as Morgon77 pointed out in Platonic Making Out, at some point you stop seeing your buddy as a friend and start seeing them as something more. Or your buddy does this to you. Then you get the inevitable frustration of realizing that one of you isn't ready for a real relationship and, shockingly, that's why you're fuck buddies to begin with. It's not fun. It sucks, really bad.

There are good points. One of my favorites was having three boys at my beck and call and not having to commit to anyone. The attention is fantastic and the lack of commitment is pretty awesome too. You can have anyone who is willing to fool around with you. If you're vying for someone, having a few fuck buddies makes them aware that they don't deserve you, so they'd better try harder. Unfortunately, the unpleasant parts of it are pretty damn unpleasant. Fuck buddies don't remember birthdays, anniversaries or any other significant dates; they are not required to attend functions with you, nor do they care about passing the parent test. They usually don't want to be your significant other. And when they fool around with someone else and you get jealous, it sucks to be you. You're the one at fault. You can't bitch them out, nor can you cajole them to do something by threatening breakup (not that you should do that anyway).

Those are just the faults I noticed while having kissing-and-boob-priviledges-only fuck buddies. It's hard to enough to keep emotions in check when there aren't many emotions there. Don't try the fuck buddy thing literally unless you're really resiliant. I'm a bimbo and I couldn't do it.

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