gerbiling, contrary to what the name may imply, is not limited to simply inserting a gerbil up one's anus. it could potentially involve practically any rodent that is of *ahem* accomodating size.

according to the urban legend and the actual practice, gerbiling is a sexual act known mainly to certain men who derive sexual pleasure anally. for this reason the gerbiling population consists particularly of gay men (it's hypothesized that women, who could potentially have their choice of orifices to work with, could make up a silent minority). the rodent is first placed within a tube (most likely the paper tube found in paper towel or toilet paper rolls). this tube is placed with one end facing the anus. the other end is subjected to the (often repeated) igniting of a match or a lighter. now, this end is not meant to be set on fire; the flame's role is to frighten the poor rodent into delving into the nearest egress; that being the gerbiling man's anal orifice.

what happens after this is pretty much penetration. the goal here can be theorized to be the receiving of sexual pleasure by forcibly placing what would otherwise be considered a "live dildo" into the rectum, thereby stimulating the prostate (the seat of intense sexual nerve endings for many men) through no effort of the one employing said technique. often the case, the gerbil would die of suffocation, as there is a noted lack of breathable oxygen made available in the bowels. the aftermath would involve the defecating of the rodent, live or dead.

felching, however, is the drawing out of freshly issued semen from the vagina or anus, orally (licking or sucking, usually). gerbiling and felching should not be mistaken for the other. although one could theoretically felch out (the remains of) a gerbiled rodent.. but that's just sick.

According to a friend of mine who has owned gerbils (I have never met one, as they are illegal in the state of California) says flame is unneccesary. Apparently gerbils have a fascination with holes - his tried to stuff itself into the barrel of his shotgun. It didn't matter if the hole was too small, the critter would just get back up and go at it again. Obsessed little creature.

I would be incredibly suprised if the purpose of gerbiling was stimulation due to death throes of the animal. I would expect any rodent in fear for its life would sink its teeth into the nearest hunk of flesh. Ever been bitten by a rodent? It's not something you would care to have done to your anus. Thus I find the stereotypical rationalization for gerbiling highly unbelievable.

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