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the great tailed grackle, or Quiscalus mexicanus; a migratory bird of central North America and Mexico, in the fall, can be seen in flocks numbering several thousand. They have become urban dwellers and roost in the lee of tall buildings shortly after sunset. Their noise can be overwhelming, and they foul the vicinity beyond belief.

Grac"kle (?), n. [Cf. L. graculus jackdaw.] Zool. (a)

One of several American blackbirds, of the family Icteridae; as, the rusty grackle (Scolecophagus Carolinus); the boat-tailed grackle (see Boat-tail); the purple grackle (Quiscalus quiscula, or Q. versicolor). See Crow blackbird, under Crow

. (b)

An Asiatic bird of the genus Gracula. See Myna.


© Webster 1913.

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