Hattrick.org is an online football (soccer, if you prefer) manager game. When entering the game, you get a team of some shitty players playing in a low league, a small stadium and some virtual cash. Now you can train your players, buy and sell them on the transfer market and of course play matches against your league colleagues. Depending on your success, you promote or get relegated. You can also play in your nation's cup or be elected to be the manager of your National team.
The game was founded in 1997 by the Swede Björn Holmér. At the beginning of 2005 it has already attracted a crowd of more than 500.000 active managers.

Matches and The Season

Each league consists of eight teams. You play each opponent twice, this makes 14 matches. There is one league match per week, taking place at the weekend. The exact hour depends on the country of your team. Including a two week pause, the season is 16 weeks long. Between two seasons your players age one year.
Between the league matches the cup matches are played. When you've been kicked out, you can play friendly matches.

Player abilities

Each player has eight attributes, like Shooting, Passing or Wing that describe his ability to play at the various positions. Before each match you put your players at the positions you think they play best. After the match you get a match report, stating what happened and how your players performed.
The players also have an attitude and a character. They affect the possibility to get bookings. Also the experience is important.
The performance of your team will also be influenced by the team spirit and the form of the individual players.

Training and transfers By training your players gain on their abilities. This depends on the positions your players were brought on, their age, the ability of your trainer and the number of co-trainers you have. After some time you can sell the players and get better ones for the positions you have not trained so when done well, your team as a whole will get better.

What to do as a beginner

  • Read the instructions carefully. There are lots of details that are beyond the scope of this node.
  • Choose a training. Most people choose defending, playmaking or shooting.
  • Get young (17-19 year old) talents for your training positions as younger people train faster.
  • When in doubt, ask at the newbie forum.

What not to do as a beginner

The site: http://www.hattrick.org
Lots of more in-depth information: http://databased.at/hattrick

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