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A feeling you get from being in or around a spooky/creepy person, place or thing. The hair on the back of your neck stands tall, you get goosebumps, and your skin feels like it's crawling.

laying in bed, trying to sleep, alone in the house..
rustling of leaves in the trees.. wind must be picking up..
a scraping noise.. probably just some branches on that tree next to the house brushing against that window..
sure got windy outside suddenly..
hmm.. did i remember to lock the back door?
out of bed, into the hall, down the stairs (creak, creak, creak)
walk through the kitchen to the door to the basement..
a dim light shines through the windows. probably a car pulling into the driveway.. probably..
down the basement stairs (creak, creak, creak)

and then it hits you.. standing there, in the basement, in your pajamas, locking the back door..

Diagnosis: the Heebie-Jeebies.
Symptoms: prickly sensation on the back of the neck. hair stands on end. the feeling you're being watched.
Chemistry: caused by an excess of PWIO in the blood (Poly- What-If Oxide)
Prevention: hide under covers. some patients find a weapon or screaming one's head off to be equally effective.
Curability: usually goes away on its own after at most 1 hour after onset of symptoms / abduction by aliens.

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