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The loyalty card program offered in Canada by all of the bookstore brands in the Indigo Books corporate umbrella - Indigo, Chapters, Coles and World's Biggest Bookstore.

The idea behind the card is simple - a customer pays $20 for the card for one year (or $10 per year if they are a teacher or senior citizen) and in turn gets a 10% discount on regularly priced books and audio-books. The card also offers a "points" program; for every $200 spent, the customer is sent a coupon for $5 off any purchase.

Since the 2001 merger between Chapters and Indigo, the company has also smartly decided that the loyalty card program should have cross-brand interapplicability. (Prior to the merger, of course, Chapters and Indigo had their own card programs, but Coles also had its own card which, although part of the same company as Chapters, was not valid at Chapters stores and vice versa). Cosmetic differences aside (iRewards cards purchased at Chapters are red, at Indigo are indigo/blue and at Coles are light blue), any iRewards card will work at any company store.

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