If you don't understand it, if it was left as an exercise for the student, if the teacher said he'd cover it Tuesday and Tuesday was the bomb scare, if your dog ate that homework, if the school bully poured soda on those notes, if you skipped a day, if the professor had his non-English-speaking TA give that lecture, or if you haven't the faintest clue what's going on, chances are it'll be on the test.

No wonder so many people hate school and education.

Well, as a university instructor (if not technically a professor), if it's on the test, it's in the textbook and was gone over in class (if the University was closed from a hurricane warning, much more frequent here in Tampa than bomb scares, the test will be postponed until everything on it has been covered) and I don't have a TA.

The other stuff is the student's responsibility (get the notes from someone else, don't leave stuff where the dog can get it, come by office hours for extra help.) Education requires both an instructor and a willing student.

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