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Jersey Chasers can loosely be defined as sports groupies; one who distinctively seeks out athletes to have sexual relations with.

Jersey Chasers are more specifically, though not limitedly, defined as females who look to “hook up” and have sex with the best, most recognized and decorated players, although many don’t seem to care about what team status the athlete may or may not have (i.e. any player from quarterback to benchwarmer). Though typically Jersey Chasers will tend to gravitate towards athletes who play football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, they may also be inclined to “get what they can find” with any sport.

(Since the majority of Jersey Chasers are female, for our purposes here, let’s assume we are talking about female Jersey Chasers)

Jersey Chasers come in many different forms, from the hottest of girls to those who don’t seem to care about their appearances at all. As all athletes have different tastes in who they might take as a partner, the various athletes are accepting of all different types, no matter if they are generally fat, skinny, pretty, etc. It gives the athlete an ego boost to have these chasers following them, which some may argue can be translated into a good performance on the playing field. In addition the girls like the attention they get from the players and their friends.

On the subject of players’ friends (or even family members): Jersey Chasers may not limit themselves to athletes, but in some cases might settle for a player’s non-athletic friend for association reasons. They still get to hang out with the athletes, and they may still have a chance at one or more of them someday, too. They will also not limit themselves to one player at a time, either. In many cases J.C.’s bounce from player to player within one team or from different teams and/or different sports in any given amount of time.

Jersey Chasers can be found in the stands with other J.C.’s sitting together cheering for their favorite player(s), or occasionally sitting with player’s friends and families, as some may gain the “girlfriend” status eventually. They hang out near player’s entrances/exits before and after the games hoping to catch their athlete before and after the game. J.C.’s may also be found at player’s hot spots such as bars, clubs, and parties they are known to attend regularly.

Why is Jersey Chasing so popular? There are many obvious reasons girls may prefer athletes. For example, athletes in general are popular. They have many friends, go to many parties, and receive the VIP treatment wherever they are. If the J.C. is with their athlete they may not have to wait in line, pay for drinks, etc. Also, athletes are generally in great shape. They work out regularly and are typically very muscular. J.C.’s enjoy watching their man in and out of the game. It can be a rush for a J.C. to see the athlete in the game dominating over other players and translate that into what might happen in the bedroom.

Some Jersey Chasers go to extremes and go beyond sexual favors for players. Many are known to wash uniforms or other laundry, cook, drive them around, clean, and do their homework for them, too.

In short, as a band has “groupies” or “band-aids,” sports teams have Jersey Chasers, a.k.a Diamond Dolls (baseball), Puck Bunnies (hockey), etc, and stereotypically have no real interest in the game but only in the players themselves.

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