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A relatively strong upper-level winds concentrated in narrow bands in the atmosphere. Jet streams are sometimes referred to as rivers of fast-flowing air and generally tend to flow from west to east.

Jet streams were first encountered by high flying military aircraft during World War II when American fighter pilots noticed that they burned much less fuel on their flights back from Japan.

There are two types of jet streams:
  • In the northern hemisphere, the polar jet stream is the boundary between the colder air that lies to the north and the warmer air to the south. In the winter, the polar jet stream movs south so that the leading edge of the cold air may extend into the southern United States, southern Europe and even south of Japan. In the summer, the polar jet stream is much weaker and is found no further south than Canada.
  • The subtropical jet stream which blows at an altitude of about 10 kilometers (33,000 feet) at 30 North latitude and is the cause of severe thunderstorms.
The following is a direct transcription of copy appearing on the outer carton in which Sansui's J33 loudspeakers came.
JET STREAM... A mighty current of air created by the earth's rotation, a vast, silent stream which flows between heaven and earth and from which there seems to come, moreover, consoling music to fill the hearts of men, awe-inspiring, supernatural, cosmic music which enthralls all who hear it.

JET STREAM... Which girdles the earth with its sash. The vision which seers have of man is not one which comes from the cosmic vastness.

Is this not also the case with Arthur Rimbaud, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Coltrane and others of their stature?

Through the words and notes of their poems and music there always comes an impression of clarity. This is the supreme song of liberation of many, of one whose heart is filled with the desire to soar up into the realms of infinity and whose look is serene.

It was the same with Robert Goddard, the illustrious rocket scientist of Clark University in Massachusetts. It was this man who, in the spring of 1899, climbed a cherry tree and, gazing at the plain which stretched away toward the East, exclaimed, "Oh if only we had the means to fly to Mars. What a wonderful thing that would be." Such was the mind of this man!

At this moment he had the vision of the ancients, who had likewise looked into the cosmic infinity, the same dreams as the Egyptians, the Babylonians and the Mayas long before. Prayer, this is cosmic language addressed to God through music. Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Bach-Extract from the "Mass in D Minor") When, free from all cares, you are reclining beneath a shady tree drinking good wine, as the Greek philosopher recommended, you also can experience this vision of splendor. It is at this time that you will understand that the music which captivated you came from out there, from the Jet Stream.

Let us hasten! Let us proceed forthwith to the world of the Supreme Love!

Let us join the celestial JET STREAM where infinite and eternal hope flow in abundance!

Personally, I think they're smokin' a bit too much of that ol' celestial jet-stream, if ya know what I mean...

Jet Stream is also the name of a boat ride at Six Flags Magic Mountian in Valencia, California. It is probably one of the worst rides in the entire theme park. It's kind of like Splash Mountian at the Disney places except the drop much less steep and much shorter. They take your photo as you go down the drop. I used to sell those photos. Late at night, people have been known to flash or moon the camara, which can get you kicked out of the park, BTW.

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