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aka potatis korv, aka Swedish bologna, aka varmkorv, aka Swedish Christmas sausage, aka Swedish hotdog, aka julkorv. A traditional Swedish ground meat and potato based food, cooked and served in sausage casings. Often served during the Christmas holiday.

Here are some directions for making korv, which were found circling the internet. Originally posted to a mailing list, author still noted at bottom of recipe.


Quantities depend on the size of the family - this recipe reflects the proportions and can be increased as far as necessary.

Mix beef, pork, potatoes, onion, salt and pepper thoroughly. Drain off excess liquid. Do not try to stuff liquid into casing. Rinse the sausage casing thoroughly (especially if it has been preserved in salt). Using a meat grinder with a horn, fill the casing about 2/3 full. Put the filled casing in water immediately so potatoes do not turn black. Boil in enough water to cover for about one hour. Add water as necessary. Serve with boiled potatoes, lutefisk in white sauce, and any other cholesterol rich foods that are at hand and are popular with your family.

Tips: Meat and non-meat should be about equal proportions. Pork rounds tend to be more sturdy than beef rounds for the casing. Mixture will swell considerably during cooking, do not overfill the casing. If done properly, everyone will overeat. Mixture continues to swell after eating - caution - magic properties. Mom said it took an hour to make, an hour to cook, and an hour to eat. I find it takes a lot longer to make than to eat. (And even longer to digest - but I still love it.) Some folks insist on ketchup - but then they eat ketchup on everything.

Another approach is to go to a grocery store in Ironwood, MI, and just buy some. It will not be the same to those who have had homemade, but it's OK and a lot easier (this really need ketchup). Enjoy! Next week if you are still interested I'll tell you how to make North Woods pasties!

Thanks for the memories!

Aloha, Pono Norman A Sandin

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