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Scandinavian for hot dog. One of the greatest delights of my recent trip through Europe was finding out that I hadn't embellished the tastiness of pølser. They are really, really good.

If you are from the US, you might be thinking "EEEEWW. Hot dogs are gross." Well pølser will activate your grossitude instinct even more, because the only real way to get them is to buy them from a street vendor in some Scandinavian city. Now you're thinking "EEEW EEW EWWITTY EWW EW EWW - street vendor hot dogs are the grossest of the gross!" And you are right, as long as you are in the US. Especially if you are in New York. As a warning to all of the scandinavians out there, if you ever visit New York, do not buy the street hot dogs. They are not pølser. They are plastic. They are bland and tasteless, except for the ways in which they taste gross, and have an inedible texture. You do not want them.

But in Northern Europe, meat is so costly that no matter what the cut is it is prepared well, because it was so expensive in the first place. Which means that even hot dogs taste good due to the spices and packaging. So the next time you find yourself in Copenhagen, go up to one of the vendors and ask for a "pølser" or "ristet hot dog". You won't be disappointed. And as you are eating your incredibly tasty hot dog, you can gloat in the knowledge that Jongleur, stuck in the land of crappy hot dogs, is jealous as all hell.

Pølser are best accompanied with soft ice cream, which is the other street food that the US doesn't do justice to.

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