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This is the first song off of Less than Jake's album Borders and Boundaries. Its a good song.. good start to the album, and a comment on the hypocracy of the punk scene and life in general.

Magnetic North

There's been borders and there'll be boundaries
and there's been times misidirection's found me
There's been clear heads and there'll be clean slates
and times we'd find we'd pass the night away thinking
Everyone here hates everyone here
for doing the same thing that they do
There's been new starts and they'll be no sleep
and there's been times when inspiration's found me
and there's been walls built and there's been worse days
and times we'd find we spent the night awake thinking
all those people they keep watching me
all those people that hate me
all those people they watch me
all those people are just like me

Magnetic north at any point on the Earth's surface is the direction from that point to Earth's north magnetic pole. Since the magnetic pole is not in the same place as the geographic north pole, magnetic north and true north differ in most places on the planet except a narrow north/south band where they are aligned with each other relative to the positions on that band.

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