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"Mang" is a slang expression used occasionally during leisure sports. While not precisely an onomatopoeia, the word is meant to represent the sound of the stick hitting the cue ball slightly off-center, thereby wasting a shot as well as making the player look quite stupid. Linguistic historians generally agree that this word was first used in this context during a 1999 game of pool at the Azalea Trace retirement community.

While the expression is usually used during games of pool, it is applicable to, and is often used during, other, slightly more alliterative and hyphenated games such as ping-pong, putt-putt, bumper pool, and darts. If taken in the more general sense, i.e. the sound made by a fuck-up of any sort, the term is also applicable to a variety of other fields. For instance, a poorly recieved term paper might be considered to be mang-worthy, as would an awkward dating maneuver that results in a slap in the face.

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