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Smash Mouth, in 1997, was catapulted from a mostly unknown San Jose ska/rock band to national fame with their single Walkin' on the Sun. In 1997, I was ten years old. This was the first CD I ever bought that featured one of those black-and-white labels that the PMRC decided were necessary. Looking back at the album, it was really about as good as I thought it was then. Now, of course, I have a greater appreciation for the genre. "Walkin' on the Sun" reached #1 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 and Modern Rock charts. The album would go on to sell about two million copies.

1. Flo
2. Beer Goggles
3. Walkin' On The Sun
4. Let's Rock
5. Heave-Ho
6. The Fonz
7. Pet Names
8. Padrino
9. Nervous In The Alley
10. Disconnect The Dots
11. Push
12. Why Can't We Be Friends

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