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The idea that someone who is miserable, or in a bad situation, will try and pull you down with them, so that they don't feel so alone, or like they're worse than everyone else, or whatever reason. Maybe this is why so many people feel that that it's their mission in life to make sure everybody is drinking and doing drugs just like they are.

Some of us circle aimlessly like moths,
Buzzing bewildered around a light:
We're bound so valiantly for the moon
But smash ourselves senseless each and every night.

Some of us are like crows perched on a wire,
Watching the world pass by down below:
Birds of a feather, we flock together,
Because it sure beats being alone.

A Cowardly Man who Can't Face the Consequences of his Actions on his Own

It wasn't my fault.
It was his fault
and it was her fault
I'm not to blame.

OK, maybe I did do it,
but so did he
and so did her
I wasn't alone.

Fine, I did it myself,
but he helped
and she helped
It was their idea.

OK, it was my idea
but his suggestion
and her suggestion
I just took their thought.

So I'm sorry I wronged you,
but he did too
and she did too
So you can't just single me out.

OK, I did it all myself
But he should be blamed
and she should be blamed
as I can't go through this alone.

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