The void I'm referring to is that which is left deep inside of you when a love is lost, through whatever means. I've recently experienced such a loss, and it has been quite a trying ordeal indeed. Without realizing why, or what I was doing, I slowly began to purchase copious amounts of plant life. My bedroom is now filled to the brim with this glorious green stuff. I had no real interest in plant life before, I loved it yes, but I didn't attempt to keep any of my own aside from maybe a single plant on my dresser from time to time. It wasn't until a good friend of mine dropped by for a visit, and we got to talking, that I became aware of exactly what I had been doing. She said to me, in reference to all of the new plant life, "You just need something to love.. it helps you feel better". This made so much sense. I felt good knowing that I did in fact have something to love, and in its own unique way, my little plants have been my saviours. So, because I think it may be of some use to many of you at some point in time or another, I propose we start a little list of "nice ways to fill the void". Here are my personal suggestions:

Embrace nature, especially plant life. Go for long walks, realize that there is so much more out there, and so much to see. It helps to nurture something, and watch it grow.

Write. Just write, write until your hand aches, until you can't possibly scrawl another word. There is something wonderful about text that makes you feel better inside.

Read everything that you can get your hands on. Especially Henry Miller, thanks to lemon curry for suggesting this to me.

Those are just what I did, I'm sure there are many other ways to help fill the void, but it should be noted that you'll probably always have a small piece of you missing.. but you'll learn that it's okay. Because.. "you're smart, you're good-looking, and gosh darn it, people like you"!

note: noding is writing, silly bitter engineer, but still, good one. noding is quite the nice way to fill the void.

Self-dramatization is important. The following activities will express your ineffable singularity:

  1. Write execrable adolescent angst poetry. Spelling counts: Be sure to get it wrong.

  2. Write incoherent short fiction in which the protagonist (who resembles you) dies at the end, and they're all sorry now, aren't they? Again, spelling counts. Be sure to transpose "your" and "you're". Use sed if that doesn't come naturally.

  3. Listen to The Smiths while feeling sorry for yourself. Nobody ever did that before. That's why nobody really understands you.

  4. Call him/her and tell him/her you can change, you really can! S/he'll see! It'll be different now!

  5. Tell the world! Since nothing like that ever happened before (least of all to them), they'll be thrilled to hear about it. They'll be fascinated, I'm telling you. Really. They'll hang on your every word.

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