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"Original law", "primordial law" or "fundamental law", the Germanic/North European concept of the principles governing the universe. Other Indo-European equivalents include the Vedic "Rita" and the later Hindu "Dharma". Orlog includes both physical and moral laws, and encompasses such things as gravity, relativity and cause-and-effect (wyrd). The term "orlog" may also be used in reference to the general purpose of a person's life, in which case it is similar to the concepts of both destiny and vocation.

"The orlog of Jupiter is to orbit the Sun."

Just as the Hindu concepts of karma and dharma are often conflated and confused, so is orlog often confused in modern Heathenry with wyrd, and in fact is sometimes mistakenly defined as "personal wyrd" (the origin of this definition is unknown). However, wyrd is the natural system of action-and-consequence by which orlog is maintained and regulated.

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