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I was told once that the reason I become sluggish on overcast days was due to how humans derive energy from sunlight's direct rays.

My ex boyfriend studied the Chakras, energy sensors whose locations are dictated by the Tree of Life (some Magick garbledegook), and told me that there was a specific Chakra on the stomach that weakened as we get older because we don't exercise it.

He noted that small children use it because they breathe with their stomach muscles; the Chakra was still being stimulated. But as we grow older, we stop breathing this way and concentrate out breathing in our chest cavity. So, in order to re-stimulate this Chakra, he said, our exposure to direct sunlight helps. It is only when it is overcast that we become aware of the energy source we depend on.

I don't really buy into all that aura hooey, but I have seen little kids. I've watched their little bodies taking in water and air for the first time, their stomachs round when round is a fitting and healthy shape for most of your anatomy.

When the clouds stop rolling and instead sit still in the lower firmament, the whole world seems to slow down, as though it has become a snowglobe of congealed and stagnant air. Everything becomes a trial, slowing down and spinning in place, like a top going so fast it looks like it's barely moving.

This is how my Friday has been going so far.

Summertime, when the air is warm and the sky has rolling grey clouds that run edge to edge horizon, these are my favorite days. There are many that worship the sun, I am not one. It finds favor only for the liberating warmth and amazing beauty delivered on arrival of those longcast rays. Skin, a peculiar reaction, and disdain. Perhaps a doctor could tell me why, I do not even bother as they always fail when confronted with my oddities. Direct contact with sunlight makes my skin itchy crawly hurt. Concentrated on my arms, from tolerable, occasionaly nasty. Mentioned this one day, mom concurred experiencing a feeling occasionaly as well. Then, while shade is nice on a brightlit day, I prefer the freedom of warmth tinted under with nice cloudcover. Clouds of kind hinting towards long picnic bikerides not rain mind you.

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