pharmacopedian is one of my life friends. This basically means that she's always been there and still is. I've known her since I moved to Taylorville (which we lovingly bash as a team now) pretty much, and our relationship has covered a lot of ground and broken a lot of boundaries.

When I first really knew her (damn I wish I could use her real name; this is so weird) was about fourth grade. We were both in the gifted math class and got along. At the time the "intellectual triangle," as we later called it, in Taylorville consisted of me, pharmacopedian, and Russell. The three of us were synonymous at the time with "smart little kids." Since then I don't know, but that's why the three of us have such strong roots.

My relationship with pharmacopedian was always a little awkward because I had a crush on her from like early on, and I didn't know what she thought of me. We would talk often because we were in the same classes and situations (gifted classes my ass!) and eventually like went out.

Note that I say "went out" jokingly. It was seventh grade, and she sat one seat behind me to the left in the fourth hour geography class that Ms. Rappe taught. It was an awesome class. We would talk all the time and pass notes and other gay shit like that, and eventually we ended up like cute little junior high boyfriend and girlfriend. It was during the winter of 1993 or 94, and for most of our like formal going outedness it was cold as shit and snowy outside. We talked on the phone all the time, and Nicki Oller was pharmacopedian's bestish friend thing, and we hung out as well as with Melissa, who we'd all been friends with since youngness as well because of elementary school.

We went out for approximately 20 days or so. I remember being harrassed in shop class and such by friends that had known us both for so long and expected a relationship like that from us. They always talked about how cute we were and stupid shit like that. However, one day I was in my room at home playing Populous for the Super Nintendo, and I got a phone call from pharmacopedian, during which she had like her cousin or someone tell me that she wanted to make the break. I was a little hurt, and the phone call thing was way weak, but I got over it. Populous was fun even though I didn't really get it.

Most of the rest of that year I didn't really hear from her much or talk much. We had a history class together in eighth grade, where I sat directly behind her. I eventually started talking to her in a charismatic manner. I would kid around with her and harrass her about her certain social misfortunes and such. We re-became friends and the relationship was reborn as a beautiful friendship that is still strong. We pretty much always had at least one class together, and because our last names were close alphabetically we usually got to sit close, and that was good. pharmacopedian is one of the few voices in Taylorville that I can stand for a long period of time, simply because she is smart and realizes the ridiculous aspects of the town before its limited good points.

In high school our friendship got interesting. After I had started going out with Cat I had an art class sitting across from pharmacopedian. It was a goofy coincidence that once I was no longer single everybody totally wanted me. pharmacopedian led the pack, but hitting on me daily in the art class and always telling me how much she wanted me (kidding most of the time). It was funny. pharmacopedian is where I confirmed most of the research I did online about sex because she was a total ho. hehe. It was hilarious. I would ask her if she's done things and she would always have done them. And the other two people at our table were funny too, and crazy as hell, and as a result just added to pharmacopedian's retarded sexual exploits. It was a fairly childish good time, and we really became obsessed with each other's art. She was a psycho good pop artist, and I was down with surrealism. We were the main driving force in the anti-art teacher (our teacher was actually Satan's grandma) movement at our school, and showed it bluntly in class and art club and in our work and such. We pretty were much the art community; the two of us produced basically all of the decent art the school saw (at least from out class) for our four years. It was nice.

I had the honor at graduation of receiving my diploma first (by like the biggest streak of luck I could ever come across), and I also had the honor of sitting right by pharmacopedian and Craig, and it was really awesome. She went off to pharmacy school and I went off to hell art school and we're cool. She's coming to my party next week, and actually has visited me more in Chicago than any of my other old friends.

I love that pharmacopedian to death. She is one of my life friends, and I hope she stays that way.

I'm being all nostalgic today...yuck. I'm even...wishy-washy. ugh.

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