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Obligatory "I'm surprised this hasn't been noded yet" note. Although I am rather surprised that this hasn't been noted as it's a part of smoker culture which has been rather well documented on e2. And rightly so, as it's an interesting aspect of culture in our modern world and blah blah blah... On to the node.

A re-fry is a cigarette (smoked by you or some friend or a complete stranger) that has been partially smoked and left in an ashrtay.

Re-fries are a godsend to the quitting smoker, the out-of-cigarettes smoker, and the stingy smoker. I regret that this node could not be longer and more interesting, comprising the history of the re-fry, the origin of the term and whatnot, but I do have something to merit the few kilobytes of disk space this will take up on the servers:

The Secret to a Not-Quite-As-Nasty-Refry

After you've scraped the cherry off the cigarette*, blow out through it. This will remove the stale smoke that would otherwise sit in the cigarette and thus make it a great deal more unpalatable to whoever comes along next. It could be you or it could be your friend. It may well be the next poor drunk out of cigarettes fool who comes stumbling through the gas station parking lot. Doesn't matter. I've already linked to cigarette karma at the top of this writeup, but I think I should again because it is a rather important concept to those smokers out there who count cigarettes as a significant portion of their paycheck. If you don't work some dirt service industry job, this probably does not apply to you under normal circumstances.

Apatrix noted his lack of knowledge of the term and so I feel obliged to note that I have only heard it in the Pacific Northwest. I also feel obliged to note that I have spent almost all of my time as a smoker in this region.

Icw notes that "a synonym for re-fry is snipe" in Bakersfield, California.

WolfDaddy says that a re-fry is still a re-fry in Texas.

*Many of you probably stub out your cigarette butts or just stick them in the cat litter or sand that's in the ashtray which they are deposited in. Note that if you wish your cigarette to be better on the second light, you should rub the cherry across a hard surface (the sidewalk, the edge of the ashtray, etc...) with a slight amount of downward force so as to dislodge the burning portion of the cigarette from the unburned portion.

UPDATE: As of 6 April, 2006 I haven't smoked cigarettes for a month or so. Hope it keeps up. If you come across this node, shoot me a message if you like, nag me about quitting again... 'cause I think I'll need it.

UPDATE: 4 May, 2006, still not smoking. I have one every couple weeks when I'm drunk, I hope that doesn't count. UPDATE: 26 March 2007, started again a while ago. I really oughta quit.

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