(a) Something that can give you years of listening pleasure and a sense of satisfaction, or

(b) Something that can become a personality replacement if allowed to become an obsession.

Trust me, you really don't need that $150 Stereolab hand-painted coloured vinyl 7" single. It will not immeasurably improve the quality of your life.

Obsessive record collectors don't have relationships, they have students.

My record collection sits on the shelf opposite my bed.

Or rather,

it doesn't

because those are C.D.s
which are a different thing altogether.

My friends think records
are outdated, old and unnecessary,
(but they don't know the thrill of

slowly sliding the sleeve away,

vinyl coming into view,
a wonderfully tactile
and altogether
nicer feeling
than pulling
a tape
from a

Vinyl is large

By which I mean that
one can actually hold a record, and feel like they own

I am not my collection.

But I do have some
(rather nice) Smiths 45s,

several transparent 7-inches

and I swear my Dad owns


Beatles single.

I prefer 12" singles, although LPs are wonderful also.

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