A vinyl 7", 10" or 12" in which the vinyl is not the standard matt black, but in one of any shade of any colour you can possibly imagine. There's even multi-coloured ones too.

Frequently utilised as a limited edition gimmick to entice fans and record collectors to shell out even more money on songs they probably already own.

OOh yeah! Colored vinyl...nothing like it to make you feel tip top. Finding out that the record you just bought is on colored vinyl is like finding out that you got your Christmas bonus early.

One of my favorite things is buying my candy prize for the pay period, opening the plastic cover and reaching in the sleeve to find a beautifully shaded record. Transparent grass green, blood red...I've even seen a yellow record resembling a plastic sun.

One of my favorites? Joan of Arc's The Gap. Their next to last album before the break up. The record is done in a marvelous marble grey, with a white center depicting a gold silouhette of the drummer and his set. True beauty in the form of an LP.

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