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Red Light Roulette is a game enjoyed by people for who enjoy driving despite having nowhere in particular to go (generally shortly after obtaining a driver's license). Obviously, you need to be in a town large enough to have numerous traffic lights. Also, it is unlikely that Red Light Roulette will be the most entertaining way to pass the time if you have a car and live somewhere decent.

Right, so, with the basics taken card of, we have a car, live in a hole with lots of traffic lights. Excellent. The aim of Red Light Roulette is to drive for as long as possible in your urban environs without stopping. When you encounter a traffic light, if it's green, you go straight. If it's red, you have no option to turn using the slip lane to avoid stopping. If you drive on the left hand side of the road, you can generally turn left at traffic lights using the slip lane without stopping. Vice versa if you drive on the right hand side of the road.

This tends not to work unless slip lanes are provided, if there is no slip lane and the light is red, then even if you are allowed to turn on red there is likely to be stopped traffic blocking your progress.

Needless to say, being forced to turn at random traffic lights tends to play havoc with any particular route you may have had in mind. Hence you tend to end up in random places, the roulette element of this pastime. Sometimes you can drive for hours without stopping, sometimes you aren't as lucky. This can be quite adventurous, sometimes going to extraordinary legths and places just to avoid stopping.

This is a popular pastime in Canberra, Australia, a city particularly well suited to it by virtue of slip lanes at nearly all traffic lights, and the lack of anything better to do.

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