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Recipe: Salsa and Guacamole

This recipe makes enough salsa and guacamole to put out as appetizers at a party of 20 or so. You'll probably run out of guacamole, it moves faster.


You will need three large mixing bowls for this: One for the guacamole, one for the salsa, and one for the shared ingredients.

  • Chop the tomatoes. Separate the seeds & juice from the meat of the tomato (this is easiest if you quarter the tomatoes and scrape out the innards). Place the tomato meat in the shared bowl. Run the seeds & juice through a blender, and pour into the salsa bowl.
  • Chop: onions, all peppers. Add to shared bowl.
  • Cut avocadoes in half. Using a spoon, scrape the avocado away from the peel, placing in the guacamole bowl.
  • Roast the garlic. Do this in parallel with earlier steps. Mash the roasted garlic, and add to the shared bowl.
  • Add cilantro to the shared bowl.
  • Add juice from two limes to the shared bowl.
  • Toss the ingredients in the shared bowl. Split the mix 50/50 between the the guacamole and the salsa bowls. Mix each bowl.
  • Add juice of two limes to the guacamole.
  • Serve.
If you end up with leftover salsa, you can make salsa chili.

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