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I love this word. It's such a playful euphemism. I could scrump all day long! It looks great emblazoned on the back of boxer shorts in glow-in-the-dark letters. Buddies are great, but scrump buddies are even better.

(For the two of you out there in sped, scrump is a euphemism for fuck.)

A Nobel British tradition, meaning to acquire goods for the purpose of consumption by your self in numbers that can easily be carried in the hands, or others taking part. Scrumping must take part during the day or under good artificial lighting, the person being 'scrumped off of' must be aware of the likelihood of scrumping, you should only scrump in an obvious location where there is a good chance of getting caught, scrumping is often confused with other activities, including theft and poaching. Although scrumping traditionally involved apples (hence scrumpy jack) any consumables can be scrumped, tobacco, paper, sweets, grapes in a shop etc.... scumping is normally associated with the country side though is has been adopted by the townies.

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