When I was in high school, we made fun of a kid because he used the word "box" like Smurfs use the word "smurf"--all parts of speech, any context. We would tease him mercilessly about BOX, and draw Necker Cubes all over the place with the motto "BOX" under them. It became an inside joke of the first order, hysterically funny. To say the word "BOX" out loud was to invite responses a la the Penis game, where everyone would shout or whisper "BOX!" gleefully. The phrase, "Is BOX--is best!" came to sum up any agreeable situation, from good veggies at lunch to an A+ on a paper. Like those Budweiser commercials, or Timmy from South Park, this meme would not die. But this isn't the story about "BOX"--this is about "secret about box".

Our computer lab had Macs. I'm not a Mac evangelist, so I couldn't tell you what kind, but they came with the version of MacOS that featured that cool plaid background and was the first to use the acoustic guitar for a startup sound. Perhaps MacOS 7-point-something? I don't remember. What I do remember was that on the Macintosh desktop there was a notepad. If you typed the words

secret about box

in this notepad, highlighted it, and dragged the copied text to the desktop, you'd get an icon. If you double-clicked the icon, you'd get... breakout. Yes, it was a cheezy Breakout clone, but it was a game! A secret game! This was truly wonderful. Term papers failed to be written. Lab reports were extended for poor excuses. High scores skyrocketed. This game was as addictive as the "BOX" meme itself. Whenever anyone would holler "BOX" gleefully, someone might whisper, "secret about box!" in a tiny voice to match.

So... I haven't used a Mac in a while, but I'm told that "secret about box" still works. Is box. Is best.

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