Pretenders hide the Transformers inside!


"Outflank your enemy and you won't have to outgun him."

A hard-living, hard-hitting, wind-torn soldier. A veteran of battles on 10,000 oceans on 1,000 worlds throughout the universe. At home on water, mercury, even liquid lead. Outer shell armed with long-range, armor-piercing harpoon gun and electro-sword. Robot and hovercraft modes armed with photon blaster. Outer shell composed of high-density armor impervious to corrosive liquids and strong enough to withstand underwater depths of over 30,000 feet. Transforms to hovercraft with maximum speed of 210 mph.

  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Speed: 6
  • Endurance: 7
  • Rank: 8
  • Courage: 9
  • Firepower: 7
  • Skill: 8
Transformers Tech Specs

The Pretender series of Transformers added more water-based vehicles to both sides than they'd ever had up until now. It's a testament to the difficulty of making their vehicle modes look like anything unique; there's only so many futuristic jets you can make, after all. Splashdown didn't look all that different from his teammate Waverider, except for the big fin on the hovercraft's tail, and his human outer shell had an odd-looking shark face on its chest similar to Sky High's eagle.

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