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Some people like to go out drinking and show everyone just how hard they are by downing their pints of beer in one gulp. Unfortunately, with the inexorable rise of alcopops and bottled beer, the prospect of downing had become impossible - if you raise a bottle to your lips and attempt to consume the lot, you will only receive a small amount of liquid in your mouth: since no air can get into the bottle, no alcoholic beverage can get out.

This is where the Strawpedo comes in: Like a Torpedo, drink hits the back of your throat: hence the name: Straw-pedo.

This works, obviously, because the straw allows air to enter the bottle and displace the booze inside. Be warned, that repeated Straw-pedoing can get you very drunk indeed.

The practice is now common in British nightclubs and is sometimes also known as "Snorkelling".

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