Reporter: Hey, that's him! That's the strong guy! Every super-hero team has a strong guy!
Val Cooper: That's right. And his name is... ah...
Guido: Strong Guy.
Havok: You can't call yourself "Strong Guy!" That's ridiculous! It sounds like a cartoon character.
Guido: You got a problem with it, shorty?
Havok: ...No.
Val Cooper: I throw it open to questions.

Strong Guy was/is Guido Carrosella, former bodyguard for Lila Cheney and member of the Marvel mutant super-team X-Factor. He was big, he was funny, he was absurdly proportioned, he wore stylish eyeglasses, and he could lift a car over his head with one hand. Peter David later defined his mutant power as the ability to absorb kinetic energy and convert it to strength, with the drawback that it would permanently enlarge and distort his muscles unless it was released quickly.

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