Svele is a small, thick-ish pancake. When topped with sour cream and strawberry jam it's delicious like nobody's business. Svele does not particularly agree with people on a diet, but you should break down and try one of these anyway. I am not sure where in Norway svele originated, but my childhood years in northern Norway had lots of this flat food. Whenever my mother had the neighbours over, us kids would get whatever was left behind of it, strawberry jam and all. Yummie!

Here's the recipe, in glorious metric:

3 eggs
3 deciliters of sugar
1 litre of kefir
5 millilitres of natron salt
10 millilitres of baking soda or 2 millilitres of sodium bicarbonate
8-10 decilitres of flour

Mix the egg and sugar together and whip it into a creamy substance. Add the rest of the ingredients and work the whole thing into a thick, smooth mix. Pour a deciliter onto a teflon pan and fry the svele light brown on both sides. Put the svele aside to cool off and serve with the topping of your choice. Any kind of jam, brown cheese, sour cream or simply a sprinkle of sugar will do nicely. Coffee and neighbours are optional.


Baking soda in Norway is a thinned out variant of sodium bicarbonate. If you are in doubt about the amount of baking soda to use, go for sodium bicarbonate instead.

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