The Shanty is a bar near downtown Tucson, Arizona. It resides on the northeast corner of 4th Ave, and 9th St. Often, the Shanty is forgotten about due to its proximity to Maloney's, but it deserves recognition due to its relaxed atmosphere and wide selection of beer.

It requires noting that the Shanty is not your typical bar on the scene of 4th Ave. Typically, bars along 4th cater to the party types. Malony's, North, the Surly Wench, they all cater to those who wish to get drunk and dance with as many random people as possible. The Shanty is more of a traditional Cheers-style bar. It sports five billiards tables, and a foosball table. Giant paintings of naked women adorn the walls, the bar is fully stocked, and the bar staff knowledgable about everything they serve .

The atmosphere is slightly peculiar. It is not darkly lit, rather it is illuminated by an excess of lighting. The tables are not wooden, but copper-topped. The Shanty definately lacks the sullen atmosphere that most bars sport. However, when you enter through the well-guarded front door (sporting two doormen rather than the traditional single doorman.) You can feel the tradition behind the Shanty. You know you're entering into something with a richer tradition than you could hope to imagine.

The Shanty is Arizona's oldest continuously licensed bar. (So says their menu) and was established in 1937.

The following is the preface to The Shanty's beer list .

"We feel that everything an individual does should be some sort of learning experience. This list is one of the most complete representations of the brewer's art in the Western United States. Moreover, it is the largest selection available in Arizona. We will, whenever possible, build our selection as other beers become available, so please ask about beers not appearing on this list.

Most of our imported specialties are brewed to be consumed at a higher temperature - but we have discovered that people prefer their beer to be more chilled than perhaps the Brewmaster intended. If you would enjoy an unchilled bottle - please ask. We hope these beers are as pleasurable for you to taste as they are for us to serve.

While it is a fairly standard preface to be presented by any bar, the beer list itself is rather impressive. Thirty-three countries are represented, most with more than one brewery, or more than one county presented. It is common practice among students at the UA to attempt to create a checklist with this beer list, attempting to traverse the entire selection before graduation. This can make for a rather stress-free time during finals of one's senior year. It should be noted however, that this list will quickly become outdated due to the Shanty's desire to keep a full, updated list ( Consequently, their menu changes weekly.)

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