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Tickle fights occur when multiple people attempt to tickle each other simultaneously. Tickle fights can occur between as few as two people, or many people at once. Tickle fights between two unrelated people are often the result of sexual tension. Tickle fights between related people can result from secret conflict between them. Tickle fights are usually fun.

It had been years since we touched each other, but his skin melted into mine the way it always had. In the past few years we had been strangers, sharing nothing but awkward glances and bitter gossiping about one another. But alcohol has a way with time travel, and that night, several drinks later, everything was forgotten but the way our skin feels together.

“I’ll walk you to your car.”

I say my goodbyes to everyone as they exchange knowing glances, almost unable to wait till I leave to gossip about this strange development between him and me (we were in the same circle of friends and thus forced to be around each other, but the atmosphere between us was always strained and we were never voluntarily alone together).

As we begin the short trek back to my car, my heart is pounding so loudly that I’m certain he can hear it in the otherwise silent night. We barely speak on our walk, but when we reach my car, I don’t want him to leave so I begin to chatter about anything I can think of and he eagerly takes the bait. We are soon absorbed in a conversation about nothing. It is cold out, so he gets in my car with me. I wonder if he remembers, or had even known in the first place, my old tricks, my seduction strategy. I begin reminiscing and arranging myself in what I imagine to be irresistibly attractive poses. When he speaks, I know I have him, hook, line, and sinker (his voice has this charming way of getting all thick and broken when he is feeling emotional).

Without any real reason or cause, we are soon very close to each other and he begins teasing me, which we both know will lead to a tickle fight (which it did). I end up with my face against his neck and his big, tan arms wrapped securely around me. I am trapped. He turns his head a quarter of an inch (that was all he really needed) and our lips crash into each other. His lips taste so deliciously of alcohol and familiarity that I can't stop, even if I want to. His hands greedily grasp at my ass (his favorite), my boobs, and my thighs while mine trace the perfect muscles in his arms, his abs, and his thighs. With one rough motion he takes my shirt off and instantly my hands fly to my stomach so he can't touch it (I am afraid he will think I am fat). In another, even rougher motion my pants and underwear come off.

Before either of us knows why or how we had ended up naked, he is on top of me. In a wonderfully white hot flash of pain he is inside of me, thrusting deeply and urgently while my nails dig into his back, begging him to go deeper, harder. My head is banging wildly against my car door, so he reaches out and opens it so my head is hanging off the backseat of my car while he fucks me. That damn light comes on and I hope he has his eyes closed and isn’t looking at me. I peek and his eyes are wide open, staring at my tits as they bounce to the rhythm of his thrusts. He reaches up and violently squeezes them, his tongue tracing the outline of my nipples. I hope he doesn’t notice how fat I have gotten.

Without a word, he turns me onto my stomach, forces me onto my knees and enters me from behind (his favorite). His fucking becomes more fervent and I know he has forgotten me completely at this point. He is ramming me from behind and my knees are bruising, but I don’t care. His pleasure consumes me and becomes mine. I hear his telltale gasp as he grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him while he pushes deeper.

Things are quiet once more. He grabs my ass, kisses the small of my back, and pulls away. We look at each other for a moment and then silently begin to get dressed. Once he is dressed, he climbs out of my car.

“I’ll tell everyone I just stayed with you until you were sober enough to drive.”

I am less sober than when we first got to my car.

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