1. A person that redraws something that somebody else drew without going outside of the original drawing. Banky was accused of being a tracer in the movie Chasing Amy.
  2. A person engaged in searching out missing articles.
  3. Also I believe it is something used in warfare. I think it is a type of bullet that leaves a visible trail.

4. After having ingested LSD or been awake far too long, afterimages of things seen will slowly creep across the surface of the eyes. These are tracers.

(1) a type of ammunition that glows brightly, allowing a marksman to determine where that shot went and adjust accordingly.

(2) a form of hallucination where something percieved (by any of the five senses) is percieved repeatedly, even though the stimulous was only applied once. e.g. a cigarette butt flies past, you see an entire arc of this motion, repeated many times.

A tracer round is a projectile (usually for an automatic weapon) which has been treated with a substance designed to burn and leave a glowing, visible trail. It is used both for aiming purposes as well as for psychological effect; the AC-130H/U Gunship and its ilk use large proportions of tracer in their ground-attack weapons in order to impress upon the intended targets just how much trouble they're in.

Tracers are usually treated with a strontium salt, which will burn (I believe) with a bright orange-red trail. Salts of other compounds can be used to provide tracer paths of different hues. Note that tracer rounds at best cause a requirement for more frequent cleaning of the weapon and at worst the premature erosion of the lands in the barrel and of the breech.

A passenger vehicle (hereafter "car") from the Mercury branch of the Ford Motor Company. It actually is (or was, in the begining) a rebranded Mazda 323. Nice little "Around town putt-putt", but doesn't stand a chance in a collision at any faster than walking pace. Believe me **groan** I know.

A tracer can also be a label (usually a radioisotope, but sometimes a fluorescent molecule) added to a molecule to follow its progress through a (usually biological) pathway. For example, one can administer mescalin which has been labeled with carbon-11 to a rat and measure the distribution of mescalin and its metabolic products in the various organs of the rat with a Geiger counter (it is not known if the rats enjoy their trip.) Other commonly used tracers include deuterium, fluorine-18, oxygen-15 and green-fluorescent protein.


Tracer is a playable character in Activision Blizzard's video game Overwatch. She was one of the original characters in the roster, I believe (as in, she was available to play upon the game's release); she is considered a "damage" hero or a "DPS".


Tracer, whose real name is Lena Oxton, joined Overwatch as a pilot, and was the youngest person to ever join Overwatch's flight program. She was the first to test-drive (or test-fly, rather) the Slipstream, a jet fighter plane capable of teleporting. Oh her first flight, something went terribly wrong, and the plane was destroyed. Everyone thought she was dead, until she reappeared one day out of thin air. They figured out that her molecules were desynchronized from the flow of time. (It was like that one episode of Deep Space Nine in which Sisko was trapped in a subspace rift and kept disappearing out of the timeline and coming back like ten years later, not having aged at all. Literally the exact same thing. Tracer kept disappearing from the flow of time and reappearing some time later). Winston (the talking gorilla scientist) worked relentlessly to bring Tracer back, and invented the Chronal Accelerator, which allowed Tracer to control where she was at in time.

In-game abilities

Her primary fire are her pulse pistols, extremely rapid-fire pistol weapons that let out a wide spread of medium-damage shots. You hold down the button until your clip is empty, the bullets just spray out.

Her primary and most important ability is "blink", which is just what it sounds like, it allows you to instantly blink (teleport) 7 meters in whatever direction you are moving. She can have a maximum of 3 blinks at a time, and a blink takes 3 seconds to recharge. 

Her secondary (but still important) ability is "recall", which blinks her to wherever on the map she was 3 seconds ago, and resets her HP to what it was at that time. This is useful for delving into the thick of it, dealing some quick damage, and then hopping out as soon as you're about to die. It's probably what makes Tracer playable for me, considering she has 150 HP (the lowest number of hitpoints in the game)

The "pulse bomb" is her ultimate ability; it is a little sticky bomb that you throw forward, it travels like a meter-ish and sticks to whoever it hits. It explodes after a second, and deals a large amount of damage. It will, however, stick to shield barriers, and fall off of characters if they teleport (like Moira or Reaper). It's very difficult to land, and doesn't kill tanks at full-ish HP. It also does damage Tracer, so you need to blink out once you throw it or else you will die.

Tra"cer (?), n.

One who, or that which, traces.


© Webster 1913

Trac"er (?), n.


A person engaged (esp. in the express or railway service) in tracing, or searching out, missing articles, as packages or freight cars.


An inquiry sent out (esp. in transportation service) for a missing article, as a letter or an express package.


© Webster 1913

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