Something that gets you in the mood, usually sexually but not necessarily.
I was stupid enough to assume it was always a sexual thing until a girlfriend of mine talked me into putting on a pair of her knickers , because she claimed it would turn her on.
I eventually conceded and put the damn things on only to have her wet herself with laughter.
'I thought you said it would turn you on' I said, totally annoyed and a bit embarrassed
'It does, it makes me laugh, a turn on doesn't have to be sexual, you know'

So now, anytime someone asks me to do something because it turns them on, I check what kind of turn on its going to be first. I don't wanna end up tied to the bed wearing nothing but a polythene bag for no good reason... But thats another story.

A musical side project of Stereolab's Tim Gane and High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan, responsible for a single self-titled album of competent but ever-so-slightly pointless bleeps and bloops.

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