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I'm always open to /msgs, so please let me know you read this
I spend more time tending to and caring for my writeups
than actually noding...

whimsical                               international

    a      .       .  + .                    a
    b            +             C   .         b
    c        .   .         +   .    +        c
    d  C                                     d
    e          . ..                          e
    f   .   .                    .           f
    g      .                    .            g
    h      .         .       .C      . .     h
    i        .       .+            .  ..  +  i
    j             .     ..                   j
    k           .       .      .             k
    l      ...     ...                       l
    m                     .C                 m
    n                 .   .        .   .     n
    o                ....        C.  .    C  o
    p                 ...     .   .      ..  p
    q                 ...         .     C... q
    r    C      .    .      .      .. C .  ..r
    s                          . . .+.   .   s
    t                                 .    . t

  local                                    factual

Last updated September 19, 2001 (July 2002: hmm.. Im still here.. so I should really update this... coming soon..
You seem to think that these are some of my best writeupsby rep

  1. Treaty of Nice (thing) (1C!) (graph ref: qJ) (up 3 places from last month)
    It wasn't big in the news when I wrote it, but it had been big a couple of months beforehand - and it still wasn't noded. I think many topics & opinions (US, European, and others) just get overlooked sometimes - this was one of them. The writeup is kept to a bearable minimum in the way of solid information, and instead focuses on the feelings and responses evoked in Ireland and elsewhere by the Treaty. Also notable since it was my first C! (and I remember that making me happy for a few minutes - thanks ryano). Recently propelled to the top of the list due to another successful writeup being added below it.

  2. Composing your own ringtones for a Nokia mobile phone (idea) (1C!) (ref: bA) (down 1)
    This is something I had lying around for my own use ages ago; it just took a couple of hours of carefully writing it so it would make sense to other people. And it's handy - you should never really have to pay for ringtones.

  3. Fun stuff in piano playing (idea) (no ref) (new entry)
    I'd been thinking about the content of this node for a while before I wrote it - in the end I decided to go for a not-too-serious approach. It ended up being much longer than I expected, and as always, the end was the most difficult part for me to write. I also tried to put the most often-seen and accessible techniques near the top. I'm not sure exactly how many piano-literate noders there are here, but it seemed to get a good reception anyway.

  4. Softlink Surfing (idea) (graph ref: ar) (down 2)
    My first writeup ever, because I'd been lurking on E2 on and off for years before I decided to register. I'd been lurking back when it was E1! (something I only found out a couple of days ago while reading about E1, heh).

  5. Angel At My Table (thing) (graph ref: ir) (no change)
    Again, I don't know why this is upvoted so much - the second writeup in the node is an excellent review of an autobiography of the same name which I never knew existed. This was also an early node of mine, and opened my eyes to the amount of knowledge that can be gained on E2, if you listen.

  6. little books of txt (thing) (1C!) (graph ref: bm) (up 3)
    Another rant (see also premium rate ringtone lines); this ties in closely and is another personal observation on the silly state of mobile phone craziness. Again, obviously a lot of people identified with it.

  7. pawn promotion (idea) (no ref) (new entry)
    A completely factual writeup for something that had been passed over during the noding of all things chess. Given my total lack of expertise in the game, I spent quite a while tweaking it to make sure that the nitpickers would be happy. I have no idea why it has such a high reputation, though. Probably the time of day I wrote it or something.

  8. A Big Fuck You To Windows Media Audio (idea) (graph ref: cF) (down 5)
    A personal audio experience writeup under an unfortunately-titled node, I have no idea why this is so popular. Unless a lot of people have Rio Volts. I'm pretty happy with mine. It's in the Argos catalogue now, so maybe...

  9. a/s/l? (idea) (1C!) (no ref) (new entry)
    I had absolutely no intention of doing this writeup until I came across the node while Softlink Surfing and read the other entries. I could understand why people had such a negative bias towards the phrase, but also noticed that there was no real content; no substantive explanations of its place within online culture. I wrote the writeup to show the futility of hiding one's intentions online with regard to who you want to speak to.

  10. The Chopin Etudes, Opus 10 (thing) (1C!) (graph ref: hz) (last month: 8th)
    This started out as an idea to spend 10 minutes noding a basic overview of these pieces, which I really know & love. I ended up writing till 3am (and that was only Opus 10). Since I knew no-one would look at the second half of the writeup - Opus 25, if I just added it as an update, I split the piece into two. It was far too long for a single writeup anyway.

But I like these ones tooin no particular order

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