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Don't ignore this checkbox!

People don't want to see Nuke Requests, Title Edits, and the like in the "New Writeups" nodelet. If you have to nuke a node, or request a title edit, implant the following directive into your subconscious:

Select this checkbox, cupcake!

This instruction was just recently added to each respective node, yet it is still being ignored. Please. Just check it.

Do it for the children.

Thanks to our wonderful friends in Everything Development, this checkbox is now selected by default on Title Edits, nuke requests, etc.

That doesn't mean you should disregard it!

If you are compiling several writeups into a large set, please be courteous enough to check this box to avoid flooding the "New Nodes" nodelet with your stuff.

There are some people who aren't receptive to this idea, and they are shunned. Please don't be one of them.