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The masthead is written in a Blackletter font (graphically, it's similar to the New York Times). The headline and body typeface is Miller; the body font is Roman in 9.5 point. Text columns are 44mm across and 4mm apart, fitting eight columns per page. These produce columns that fit approximately 17 words per column centimetre or 35 words per column inch. Paragraphs have a 3mm indent, starting at the second paragraph. At least half of the pages are printed in full CMYK colour, with the rest in greyscale.

-- Sydney Morning Herald



The Person Is the Political Is the Psychopathological:
The Politics of Contemporary Psychopathological Double-Binds
Midterm Examination
November 7, Yr. of D.A.U.


(1a) You are an individual who, is pathologically kleptomaniacal. As a kleptomaniac, you are pathologically driven to steal, steal, steal. You must steal.

(1b) But, you are also an individual who, is pathologically agoraphobic. As an agoraphobic, you cannot so much as step off the front porch of your home, without undergoing palpitations, drenching sweats, and feelings of impending doom. As an agoraphobic, you are driven to pathologically stay at home and not leave. You cannot leave home.

(1c) But, from (1a) you are pathologically driven to go out and steal, steal, steal. But from (1b) you are pathologically driven not to ever leave home. You live alone. Meaning, there is no one else in your home to steal from. Meaning, you must go out, into the marketplace to satisfy your overwhelming compulsion to steal, steal, steal. But, such is your fear of the marketplace that you cannot, under any circumstances, leave home. Whether your problem is true personal psychopathology, or merely marginalization by a political definition of 'psychopathology,' nevertheless, is a Double-Bind.

(1d)Thus, respond to the question of, what do you do?

Schacht was just looping the d in mail fraud..."

-- David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest pp 307-308

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