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Liþic Walkthrough


Before the game begins you are treated to a rushing sound. Alarms sound and the screen fades into a trans-warp portal, enjoy the trip-tastic effects as a few credits appear. Then:


Multiple errors detected. All secondary systems offline. Dangerous teleport in progress. Unable to calculate destination. Buffers offline.

The warp curves and now you are falling very fast. You can see your feet below you.


Oh no, no, no. Please let me get out of this, please.


Arriving at destination in 5... 4... 3... 2…

Welcome to Liþic. As the tunneling effect collapses you get your first taste of solid ground. The landing is hard and most of the Adjunct’s systems are off-line. Throughout the game, the Adjunct will regain systems and your powers will increase.

You control Imi, a ragged teenage girl. She has latent magical abilities but right now the only ones she has access to are SPARK and DIM. Spark is a basic attack, but at the start of the game is only good for startling enemies. Dim makes you invisible for twelve seconds.

The save system: Imi is immortal, that is, she cannot be killed but her physical body can be destroyed. She is capable of placing up to six Golden Seals in a level where she will respawn upon death (you can choose which to respawn at). The world is persistent. When Imi respawns it will be exactly like it was when she was killed. No monsters will regenerate, all bosses will have the same HP damage. This is not to say there are no game over conditions, but death isn’t one of them.

IMI (getting to her feet)



Adjunct! Status report!


Systems damaged. Full diagnostic not possible.


Are magic detection and scanning still working?


Within twelve miles.


Good. Keep scanning. I need to get moving.

1. The Rockies

Objective: Get away from the teleportation site.

The first area is pretty straight forward. You are in a wooded area and are wobbly on your feet. There are a few things to explore, mostly offering small maneuverability challenges to get you used to the controls.

The forest is on a mountain ridge. The topography of the area naturally corrals you to a cliff with a steep talus scree ramp.

Before heading down the ramp, be sure to check out the crumbling house next to it. Inside you will find a metal rod and a war flier. The metal rod is a basic melee weapon, when combined with Spark, it becomes a stun stick.

The flier says:

Remember: Bullies know nothing except force. If you let them roll over you they will learn they can always push you. There is only one defense: Fight! Fight! Fight! Push the invaders back and punish them for spilling your statesmen’s blood!

While wandering the forest the Adjunct will slowly regain functions. The following is interspersed throughout the area. When the heads up message arrives, the HUD comes online.


Shield at one percent. Spell lock targeting online. Aura control, online. Heads up display, online. Message system online. Cannot reach dimensional beacon; tracking has been disabled. Internal clock online. Planet has a 24 hour day/night cycle. Biomass considerable. Artificial signals detected.

Approach the ramp. It descends toward the valley below, but is very steep.


Whoa! That's steep. I wonder if I can go around...?


Warning. Dimensional teleport detected.


Crap. Down it is.

Slide down the dirt ramp. You will be able to steer the character down the ramp while "dirt skiing". About halfway down, a very visible glowing portal will appear above the mountain valley.

This "portal" will release five flying MOREANS.


Oh shit. They followed me.

The huge dirt cloud Imi leaves behind her is not subtle. At the bottom of the ramp, she'll need to escape into the forest.

2. Escape

The Moreans are intelligent flying creatures who will do the majority of their pursuit via air. They will scan the area from above and land to capture Imi. It is imperative you stay hidden and avoid open spaces where you will be easily seen. The goal is to keep the moreans from coming to the ground, because if they are on the ground it is likely they spotted you and are closing in.

The Moreans communicate with each other via clicks and chirps like bird noises. If you are alert enough to the noises you might be able to guess what the Moreans are talking about (such as when they've spotted the player).

There are five Moreans chasing you each with a different role/personality.

The Pursuers

Spotter (Ebrite)

The “spotter” Morean flies high above, looking for you. When the Imi wanders into its field of view (a kind of invisible roving searchlight that is blocked by trees and other things you can use as cover) the Spotter will give a piercing cry and alert the other Moreans to the your location.

Sniffer (Akixon)

The “sniffer” slowly patrols the playing area trying to pick up the your scent. In game practice this is designed to keep you from camping out in one spot for too long. While it can capture you, it also alerts the others to the your location.

Aggressor (Breke)

The “aggressor” comes into play if Imi’s location is known to the Moreans. It attacks directly, via the shortest path it can by charging along the ground.

Magic User/Supporter (Helide)

The “supporter” uses a battery of spells and magic effects to increase the efficiency of the other Moreans. It can throw projectiles at Imi via line of sight, or block off escape routes, or slow you down with area of effect attacks.


A female Morean who tries to follow you as closely as possible. Will often try to get ahead of you to attack from the front.

Collectively, the Moreans are attempting to capture Imi and drag her back to the portal. If they catch her, it is GAME OVER. However, she can stun them and as she regains more powers, your ability to fight them increases.

Once you slide past the Tree Line, the game’s first level has begun. Because this is an introductory level, your interactions with the enemies will be scripted events. ALABIE, is the first Morean encountered.

As you travel the forested valley, you can find structures and other interesting items. No weapons yet except for the rod, if you grabbed it. The player does have access to Imi’s base abilities.

There are a few things the player to find, such as a falling apart house and an overgrown solar panel. Remember the spark and rod. This can drive the moreans to air for a minute or two.

After a while of exploring, the Morean Alabie crashes through the foliage to land near you triggering a cutscene.

Imi dives behind a tree. She peeks around it. Alabie sniffs the ground. Imi suppresses a shudder and whimpers.


I know you’re nearby, little girl. We’ll find you eventually! Help yourself and give up!

Much like the dirt tallus, the topography will guide you to a choke point. Alabie makes a lot of noise and acts hostile, but if you keep moving, he shouldn’t be hard to avoid. More bark than bite as it were.

Eventually, you will find a stream. There is a meander-lake in the bend of the stream with relatively still water. You will have to cross here to the other side. The water makes Imi move slower.

Alabie lands on the other side.


There you are!


(raising a fist full of electricity)

Back off!

ALABIE (laughing)

What’s that going to do? Come on. The sooner I take you back to the others, the sooner I can go home.

She enters the water. If you do nothing, Imi is dragged away and it is a GAME OVER. If you attacks with Spark (or spark + rod) Imi slams her electrified fist into the water. ALABIE screams as she is electrocuted. The dead morean spins slowly in the water.

Her scream is answered by a loud howl from the air.



Run into the forest. Once in the forest, if you wants to wait around, you can watch or listen to the moreans drag their comrade out of the water.

BREKE, the aggressive morean starts yelling in English. She is furious. She’s angry and the volume is loud enough to carry through the trees (in case you have made it too far to look back).



Keep moving forward. The level is over, but you still have some space to explore. The moreans won’t be back until the next area.

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