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Now on most of the star trek web sites the inertial damping field is said to be used at warp but I go by what the story line shows and what I can find out about in physics on the theories that are talked about in the shows. On star trek most of the times when I saw them using the inertial damping field it was due to an outside kinetic energy source like a shock wave effecting the ship and crew. The inertial damping field is outside the ship like the warp field not inside the ship. The ship as well as the crew has to be protected.

The static warp bubble is the part of the warp matrix that is partly submerged in subspace. It shields most of the mass of the ship and crew. It stops time from slowing down. To produce momentum you need movement. The ship stays at rest mass inside the warp bubble and the flat space warp bubble or piece of time space moves. Without the movement of mass or momentum there is no inertia. I have been told that an object with no velocity in the current reference frame still has inertia equivalent to its mass this is true to a point but in subspace it is a lot less and the deeper in sub space the less and the ship is locked in location in a sub space bubble it cannot move as long as the bubble is stable. Now the warp bubble can be destabilized from energy or matter entering the bubble so this weakens the bubble or the shielding from inertia and general relativity. The warp bubble has to be balanced with the warp matrix this it is part of the warp matrix drive system. During extreme maneuvering the computer has to make adjustments to the bubble through a secondary system that is for inertial damping only.

When the ship drops out of warp they can go from hundreds of times the speed of light to a stop with no affect. Likewise they can accelerate to high warp from a stop with no effect. At impulse a low level warp field is used this decreases the energy needed and stops the effects of relativity and inertia.

If you look at this from real warp theory the bubble would be a flat space bubble with an inner and outer event horizon. The event horizons are produced from gravity and the scalar limiting factor.

To offset the inertial force you have to know enough about what is happening.

First what is inertia?

1. Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion or rest.

2. Commonly it is referred to as the amount of resistance to change in velocity of mass.

3. In physics it is a body’s resistance to change in momentum or short for (a body’s inertia mass).

4. In general relativity dealing with large objects inertia is referred to as geodesic deviation because of space time curvature. In other words the shape of space time has an effect on the inertial force.

Second what kind of energy is involved with inertia?

Kinetic energy or change in kinetic energy

Gravitational Force or change in gravitational force