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The Munchies: A Slight Problem

Although Munchies are a part of the fun when blazing, these 'irresistable urges' have been cruelly transformed into what I shall now proceed to call a: Dicksmack nibbler fuck.

I will explain later.

Usually, even after only minutes of puffing the cheebs, people in the Sesh Circle begin to get agitatingly hungered. Is that a problem? Of course not.

The problem lies within.

A Dicksmacker, in ganja terms is basically any newbie-wanna-be smoker who takes a fake puff or pull on the pipe/bong/joint and then proceeds to pretend that he just "ripped a huge one". Now, assuming our aforementioned Dicksmacker is not talking about a sudden bout of flatulance it is safe to come to the conclusion that this feces-enjoying lamer will, within seconds become suddenly imbued with a voracious desire to eat. At this point, no amount of slapping will get the Dicksmacker to discontinue his ranting and raving until someone in the Sesh goes into the kitchen and gets the fool a cookie.

I hate that

After nibbling nervously at the cookie, our Dicksmacker will then fall silent, and in a whiney voice proclaim, "Dude, I'm too baked... I pass". At this point everyone should push the bastard away from the circle and continue the Sesh in relative peace.