A band formed in California in the early 1980s, fronted by Johnette Napolitano (vocalist, songwriter, and bassist).

They are best known for their 1990 album Bloodletting, which featured one radio hit, Joey, and many other songs that are popular in the "gothic" scene, such as The Vampire Song and Tomorrow, Wendy. Bloodletting is one of those CDs that you buy on a whim, fall in love with, listen to all the way through, and you think you're the only one because it wasn't really commercially successful, and then a few years later you realize that somehow all of your peers own it also, and you wonder exactly how that happened.

To this day, in South Florida, if The Vampire Song or Walking In London are played at alternative clubs, you will get trampled to death in the wake of all the goth chicks heading for the dance floor.

Discography (possibly incomplete):