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This was invented by Sir Clive Sinclair - he of the ZX Spectrum computer genius and the C5 ignomy.

It probably looked good on paper. However in reality Sir Clive was having another "C5 day" when he thought up this one.

This awful device was released in the early 1980s as a futuristic alternative to those antiquated press-button keyboards. All you required to have a key operate was a light brush of your finger on the Touch Sensitive Keyboard - thus avoiding all that prehistoric manual labour of actually having to press buttons. In practise this keyboard was so touch sensitive it was more or less impossible to actually type anything on it, if you touched "T" then you'd inevitably get the baggage keys of "5", "6", "R", "Y", "F", "G", and "H" if you had mildly big or mildly warm fingers.

The touch sensitive keyboard was promptly consigned to the ash heap of history, and the press button keyboard continues safely to this day having currently seen off all other challengers.