"Happy New Year!"

That's what I heard when I played my answering machine messages this morning. *sigh* Some guys are still getting it right. Too bad it wasn't the one who claims to love me.

Because of being in On the Verge, my costume plans are shot to hell. I intended to be Supergirl today, but a bearded Supergirl is just too scary. Instead, I guess I'll be going as a disgruntled college student today. Ah well.

Laying aside the deeper meaning of today for a moment, Halloween is supposed to be fun. For kids and adults alike. This year, however, it's difficult to ignore the unpleasantness in favor of celebration without the aid of some trusted mind-altering chemicals. I can't escape it...it's there when I open a newspaper, it's there when I turn on the television, and it infiltrates my classrooms. That we would discuss current events in Old Testament seems logical, but Advanced Spanish? Voice and Diction? I don't want to become a hermit, hiding in media blackout from the truth, but dwelling helplessly on matters I can't change has a very draining effect after a while! All this, and I'm expected to get up in front of the student body with the other "theatre people" tonight and demonstrate the audience participation before Rocky Horror tonight.


Let's do the Time Warp Again