A great comic strip by Jimmy Johnson starring husband and wife Arlo and Janis and their son Gene. It's been running since at least 1985 and is still one of the best strips around.

Arlo is thoroughly weird. He's still a sixties rebel at heart and has trouble accepting that he's an adult now. (This was more true earlier in the strip's history.)

<Janis is extremely paranoid about sexy young blondes and sensitive about her looks, which is a bad thing for Arlo. She often gets annoyed when he gives the wrong answer when she asks if he thinks she's pretty. (She, too, has gotten over this somewhat as the strip has progressed.)

Gene is currently a teenager, though he began approximately eight years old. He thinks his parents are total dorks. (He's right.)

I'm unsure when he was added to the cast--many years ago--but the Days have a cat named Ludwig, whom Arlo frequently is seen speaking to.

Read Arlo & Janis online at http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/arlonjanis/