A syndicated daily comic strip created and written by Darby Conley. Unexpectedly hilarious, this strip has been favorably compared to "Bloom County," although it's more like "Dilbert" would be if it starred the cast of "Garfield."

The regular cast of this strip includes:

The comic strip Get Fuzzy is a comic strip focused on the life of bachelor Rob with his two pets: Satchel, a lovable, if not intellegent dog, and Bucky, a sly cat.

Here's a typical comic strip:

Satchel:(enters looking shocked and confounded) "Did you know that hamburgers are made out of cows?"

Rob: (not suprised by the question) "yeah, that's why I try not to eat 'em."

Bucky: "mmm....cows..."

Satchel: (introspectively) "well... someone should have told me...I don't hold anything against cows... I like cows!"

Bucky: "I like cows too. I hold buns against them."

Rob: "Aw, Bucky! You're like why I try to eat vegetarian."

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