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Napa Ranch is a business-worker-oriented breakfast/lunch place on the east side of Spear Street in San Francisco, south of the Embarcadero station--though maybe they're a chain, I'm not sure.

Basically they are the only decent lunch option in the concrete jungle down here. And they're surprisingly good. Prices are city prices but not absurdly inflated--$2.50 sandwiches rather than $8.00. They also have a very groovy salad bar (with sushi!) for $2.50/half pound, basic Chinese food, gourmet burritos, bagels, and a rather large selection of sturdy soups and fresh breads. Plus a huge case of drinks. Their coffee is overpriced, but otherwise Napa Ranch is a surprisingly intelligent place to eat.

They have a counter and tables inside and some tables outside, too, and the staff/cooks are super-friendly. I eat here every afternoon because I have a microscopic lunch hour and need to get out, and this is definitely the most budget-friendly place for miles. Plus enough variety I won't get bored anytime soon. Cool!