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We've done Washington, we've done Richmond and we're now in Philadelphia.

Richmond was cool, we we're staying in Downtown which was deserted like Washington but thanks to VT_Hawkeye I now understand why.

On Saturday we visited the Capitol and got a tour around the old Capitol of the Confederacy, we then wandered down to the Farmer's Market on 17th street. There was meant to be a Tomato festival going on but it seemed to comprise of one woman dressed up as a tomato and then the normal stalls.

In the evening we went to a football (OK, soccer) match, the Richmond Kickers versus the Hampton Roads Mariners. There was a crowd of around 2000 although it didn't feel like it. If that was the atmosphere at a local derby I'd hate to go to a normal game. They didn't seem very bothered who won and I ended up being the most vocal member of the crowd. However at $8 entry I didn't feel swindled, even though the Kickers lost 2-0.

On Sunday we visited the White House of the Confederacy and the museum that is nearby so I know understand the Civil War, all be it from a Southern perspective. On Sunday afternoon we headed down to Carytown, a slightly more active and alive area of downtown. We visited the lovingly restored Byrd Picture House where we saw two movies for $2 each movie. Enough a not bad movie about an abused wife, with J-Lo as the wife, that just goes crazy in the last half hour and Unfaithful which is dark film about a happy family destroyed by an affair. There is some powerful acting and interesting imagery and a decent ending.

On Monday afternoon, we visited the Richmond Science Museum which is in the old Main Street Station. It has a whole load of interactive toys that we spent a good couple of hours playing with. It also has a cool big Foucault's Pendulum in the entrance rotunda. On Monday evening came the highlight of our visit, VT_Hawkeye picked us up and took us the ball game. We went to Bill's Virginia Barbeque before hand and then headed over. VT and I scored the game and I got into it really quickly, it's a good game. The match itself turned out to be a cracker with the Richmond Braves pulling back a three run defecit to force the Toledo Mudhawks into an extra innings. The Braves pulled it out in the 11th innings with a homer from C Porter.

On Tuesday we visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts which, although good, wasn't as good as we hoped it would be. In the afternoon we got the train up to Philadelphia where we are now holed up at the Bank St Hostel.

We had breakfast at Perlys in Richmond three times and it was nice, our first real experience on an American diner. We came out liking Richmond, although it was hard to get around, and VT-Hawkeye is certainly in line for a cool prize.

On Saturday we're going off down to Virginia Beach for five days before heading up to New York. If you think you can beat VT's hospitality feel free to try, email at greatneb AT hotmail DOT com or msg me.

Oh yeah, American transport sucks.